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Desserts & Me

Over the years, my passion in food and baking desserts has evolved to recreating and transforming harmonious marriage of decadent flavours to GUILTLESS PLEASURES.  


My journey begun when I uncovered certain food intolerances I have been enduring since childhood which I was not really aware of. I have lived with it for most of my existence and am not prepared to let it rule my life over the next few decades. 

This paved way to find and search for answers...

Answers on how to recreate, transform and adore DESSERTS to something good for our HEALTH without sacrificing TASTE, TEXTURE and DECADENCE of every bite..

This beautiful journey presented a gratifying challenge to recreate a culinary masterpiece that intertwines flavor and texture

we can all ENJOY, LOVE and INDULGE in, WITHOUT the  nasty effects of today's PROCESSED world.

This is my simple way of sharing my LOVE and PASSION for FOOD.

I always believe that we always need time to 

enjoy a DESSERT or two in our daily lives...

DESSERTS without the GUILT whilst feeding our HEALTH and SOUL with just WHOLESOME goodness!!!

I hope that you enjoy and appreciate my products as much as I ENJOY and LOVE making them!!!! 


Christmas Presents

Christmas Boxes, Cakes and Treats 

Organic Whisk


Catering, Events & Wholesale


We cater for special events and wholesale.

Please email me your needs and requirements.

Happy to discuss and cater for all your needs.

Note: Bulk orders cannot be purchased through our online site.

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  

- Hippocrates -

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Our Ingredients

Organic | Wholefoods |Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Grain Free

 We only source the best premium organic ingredients for all our products across suppliers in Australia, US and Europe:

100% Organic


Dairy Free

Paleo Friendly

Grain Free

Gluten Free

All Natural Ingredients

Definitely NO Nasties

Mostly Plant Based

Non - GMO

We believe in using ingredients in its MOST NATURAL STATE.

It is a known fact that most grain free goodies can present some challenges in achieving the perfect softness, faultless texture and that insatiable taste due to the lack of gluten, cream and refined sugar.

ALL our products are 100% FREE from artificial ingredients or food additives/stabilizers like 'Xanthan Gum,' 'Guar Gum,' and 'Egg Replacer Powders' which is mostly present in store bought and packaged gluten free products. Products we am NOT a big fan of given its chemical disposition. 

...What people are saying 

"It's like heaven in my mouth...I am addicted to your doughnuts...”

- Kelly, Hills District, NSW

"The doughnuts were a smash with the students and they loved them!!!!"

-  Jeanie, Wetherill Park

"These were the best damn doughnuts ever! "

-  River, Sydney

'Cant believe they are all healthy....just LOVE them!

-  XXXX, Narabeen, NSW

Everything is just so delicious, and unlike normal donuts/cake you don't feel heavy after eating these. Omnomnom 

-  Maggie, Sydney NSW

" eyes dilated, my fingers wriggling, tastebuds started to dance, bouncing up and down like a kid in a candy store...bringing to my tongue, this sensation is like blue moon month sending happy vibrations to my brain...Thank you for these wonderful happy treats..Love your donuts guys :)."

-  Eve, Northern Beaches, NSW

"I've been introduced to a little slice of gluten free, paleo, refine sugar free heaven...I am definitely a new fan of these beautiful treats...

— @nosugarchick, Sydney, NSW


Contact Us


PHONE: 02 8840 9373

Any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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